A little history ( part 1 )…

I always really enjoyed drawing. I did it pretty consistently from 4 or 5.  I always seemed to have a pencil or crayon and some paper in my hand.  I really loved it.  But it wasn’t until I was 7 or 8 that it became a passion, the driving factor that steered all of my decisions for years to come…

Omega the Uknown
Omega the Unknown

In 1978-ish my family and I or as we called it “The Wamester Expeditionary Force” (WEF) were on our way to Vermont for our summer vacation. It was a seven hour trip and as usual someone, out of all 7 of us, had to go to the bathroom. To my Dad’s chagrin, this meant frequent stops at convenience stores along the way for a “pee-stop” and refreshments.  On one of our frequent “pee-stops”, I saw a rack of comics in the corner of the store. Bright with colors I was totally drawn in. After a little begging, I was able to convince my Mom to buy Omega the Unknown #1. I must have read it a hundred times. The colors, the weird enveloping story, the action and the suspense… I was floored by how much it filled my mind… I was floored! I knew right then and there what I wanted to do with my life, being a visual storyteller!  The minute I got home from vacation… I went through at least a ream of paper a week all through elementary school. My Mom kept asking me to make sure I used every inch of the paper, on both sides because I was driving her to the poor house with the paper I was using up ( not to mention the trees I was killing ). I spent the next 5 years at close to that pace drawing everything under the sun ( especially superheros ).

Then came junior high school… to be honest I was always a lone wolf.  I was always in my own head, dreaming of new worlds, then going home and drawing them.


… ( continued here )


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